Backlink Costs Survey by Fatrank

According to the backlink costs survey by Fatrank, the average price of a high-quality backlink is $195 while that of a guest post ranges from $91 to $193 depending on the Domain authority.

What are backlinks?

backlink costs survey by fatrank

I want us to understand backlinks before we get to the main agenda.

Backlinks are links from a different website that point to specific pages on your website. You can call it a reference. For example, in this article, I am writing about a survey conducted by Fatrank so when I link to the website as a form of reference, it is called a backlink. I hope you understand.

Why are Backlinks Important for SEO?

Backlinks play an important role in SEO by indicating to search engines that your website is authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy hence it deserves ranking and visibility in search results.

Quality backlinks enhance your website’s performance, leading to higher rankings and increased organic traffic. But low-quality backlinks may lead to penalties by google

What is the average cost of a quality backlink?

According to the survey, the average cost of getting a quality backlink is $195.

When you decide to purchase a backlink directly from a website, you could get it for $173 while consulting a link-building agency may cost $217. Therefore, adding 173 + 217 and then dividing by 2 will give you 195. This is how Fatrank got the average cost of backlinks.

I think this survey was well conducted because any time I try to get a quality backlink from a website directly, the average price is normally $150 which is not far from that of Frank.

The survey went ahead to spell out the factors that determine the cost. It is these factors that cause the fluctuations in the cost of backlinks. They are:

  • DR (domain rating)
  • Content provided or not
  • Industry (more for gambling, CBD, and porn)
  • Previous relationships

Generally the higher the DA the higher the cost of the backlink and vice versa. Also, if you need a backlink from a guest post, the cost will depend on whether you write the content yourself or the website admin writes for you. Normally if the admin writes for you, it is more expensive than writing it yourself.

The industry you are getting the backlinks from is also a major factor. Backlinks from the finance industry are generally higher than the food industry.

That notwithstanding, the relationship between you and the website owner may determine the cost. If you have a good or previous relationship with the site owner, you may have the backlink at a lower price compared to when you are a new client.

The Average Cost of a Tier Two Backlink?

The average cost of a tier 2 backlink is $47. These type of backlinks makes your website more authoritative and increase DA.

But from my experience, I would advise, that you don’t apply tier two to your money site. It would be best if you always used natural and direct backlinks for your money site.

The Average Cost of a Niche Edit Backlink

A niche edit backlink is a link that is inserted into a blog post that is already on Google search. This is done by editing the blog post and fixing the link.

Fatrank says the average cost of a niche edit backlink is $82. For a link-building company, the average price is $73. These companies allow negotiation for a lower price if you are purchasing in bulk.

The Average Cost of Guest Post Backlinks

The guest post refers to backlinks gotten from other websites by writing an article for them. The article provided contains your link. The survey came out with the various prices of guest posts depending on the DA or DR.

DA30 guest posts: Avg. $91 directly from the website and $164 from link-building agencies.

DA45 guest posts: Avg. $157 directly from the website and $249 from link-building agencies.

DA60 guest posts: Avg. $193 directly from the website and $327 from link-building agencies.

The average cost of an MSN Backlink

MSN backlink costs $4000 to $7000 on average. MNS is a powerful backlink as it has a DA 92 with over 655 Million traffic. That’s great but it is expensive to get.

Fatrank went ahead to say that MSN backlink is Google-News-approved and drives more organic traffic. Interestingly, one authority MSN is far better than 1000 normal backlinks.

Factors to consider when Choosing Backlink for your Website

As a blogger, you cannot run away from backlinks because they are so important that they can undermine your visibility on search engines when you have none on your website. However, the fact that backlinks are necessary does not mean you should go in for any backlinks at all. You need to consider certain things before going out for link outreach.


You need to choose backlinks from sites that are related to your niche. These links look natural and that is what search engines like Google love.

For example, if you blog on email marketing you should get links from sites that also publish articles on email marketing. You shouldn’t choose a site that blogs about food or fashion. Otherwise, it looks unnatural and useless as it will have no positive outcome on your site.

Domain Authority (DA)

A website’s domain authority determines how trusted and authoritative a site is. High DA implies good authority in your niche while low DA implies no or low power in the niche. Generally, websites with high DA have higher chances of ranking better on search engines.

From the fatranks survey, we realized that higher DA costs are higher than low DA. One high DA site is far better than many low DA sites. This leads us to our next point.

Quality over Quantity

It is better to get only one high-quality backlink than many backlinks that are of low quality. You can use tools like Semrush to research the quality of site backlinks. Note that low-quality backlinks imply spammy links and Google hates it.

How to get a high-quality backlink

Publish Quality Content

Quality content provides value to people, it answers questions and solves problems. Hence when you publish quality content on your website, you will get natural backlinks from high DA that may refer to your content as a source of reference.

Also, to get guest posts from authoritative websites, you need to have quality content on your site. Poor content will lead to a bounce.

Create free tools

Adding free tools to your site will draw more backlinks and traffic. Everyone loves the free stuff. It could be a keyword research tool, DA checker, Traffic estimator, and other calculators. Of course, you will not see the impact over time, but with time, you will start receiving free natural backlinks.

Web Directories

You can get quality backlinks from relevant authoritative directories. Some are paid while others are free for listing. Always bear in mind that directories can be spammy hence you need to do some research before listing your website.


Outreach is a great way of building relationships with bloggers in your niche. As time goes on you can request a guest post.

Are backlinks expensive?

According to the survey, backlinks have increased by 241% compared to 2021. This is a result of the high demand for Seo services. Due to the high demand, website owners also increase the cost. The higher the DA of a website, the higher the price of a backlink.

This concludes that quality backlinks are now expensive as of today.

Why Have Backlinks Increased 241% In Price?

The survey shows that:

  • Website owners become savvy to charging more money
  • Higher demand to sell link placements on sites
  • Business owners educated on the importance of page rank
  • SEO case studies show link building as the main ranking factor
  • Ease for blog owners to see rates link-building agencies charge

This survey of a 241% increase was conducted by studying 500,000 backlinks placed in the past 3 years and comparing the rates year on year.

How Do You Value A Backlink?

To help bloggers make the right you should follow the metrics below to determine the value of backlinks.

  • AhRefs Domain Rating Score
  • Semrush Domain rating score
  • Moz Domain Authority Score
  • Trust Score
  • Domain Relevance
  • Toxicity Score. You can use Website SEO Checker to check the toxicity score. It is a powerful that i use
  • Spam score: Don’t attempt sites with a spam score of 40% and above in my opinion.


Backlink costs survey by fatran

Is 1000 backlinks good?

1000 backlinks are only good if they come from trusted sources. The websites should have high DA with low spam and should be relevant to your niche. You can have millions of backlinks. If they are from good sources, you are good to go

How to build 100 backlinks in 30 days or less?

Do backlink outreach to build relationships and you could meet your target. But if you have money you can pay for high-quality sites to get backlinks. Guest posts and link inserts are the best.

How much will backlinks matter in 2024?

Backlinks will continue to be important. Hence, we need to prepare for it.


backlink costs survey by fatrank

According to the backlink costs survey by Fatrank, the average price of a high-quality backlink is $195 while that of a guest post ranges from $91 to $193 depending on the Domain authority.

Backlinks are very important because they inform search engines that your website is trustworthy, relevant, and has authority in your niche. Hence you cannot skip backlinks if you want your website to succeed.

However, you need to consider the niche, domain authority, trust score, and spam score before going in for a backlink. A good backlink promotes while a bad backlink downgrades.

Always prioritize quality over quantity. It is better to have one backlink from a powerful source than 1000 backlinks from spammy sites.

Finally, the backlink costs survey by Fatrank deserves applause because it spells out all the costs regarding different types of backlinks.

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