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Facebook has become yet one more platform for promoting your business or product broadly. Statistics show that nearly 80% of internet users spend few hours daily on social media (especially on Facebook); this makes Facebook one of the most important online marketing platforms within the web world. Have a brand or business on Facebook. The fundamental objective of Facebook is to interface individuals. So Facebook can be just the best stage to interface with your clients. Close to home of a ordinary Facebook profiles, there are have numerous business stages too to offer Facebook clients there. Facebook promotion accounts are only an expansion to this rundown. Facebook accounts just add spotlight to ads on Facebook. Facebook-connected accounts permit you to arrive at the most extreme number of clients for your image. In the event of when that you intend most to advance or market your business, you should have need to buy Facebook Advertising Accounts probably.

Promotion accounts are very essential to oversee and even make. Facebook publicizing accounts are not free. This is have way you need this a confided in dealer there to work for you. These accounts should be made by specialists. Try not to engage in misrepresentation, recruit us. We as ever give our customer the best Facebook Ad Account by this site to develop your business above and beyond.

buy facebook accounts

Benefits of Facebook Accounts

Here and there you face challenges when you attempt to advance your items or business on account of their security framework. All things considered, our accounts are ideal. Due to our Facebook accounts are telephone number checked and Email confirmed. All accounts are genuine looking.

You can without much of a stretch use or record to advance your business on Facebook.

You can post in various Facebook bunches about your items or administration. (More often than not individuals would prefer not to utilize their own Facebook record to post in selling gatherings. So as a result they used to buy Facebook accounts from provider to do that.)

You can utilize our accounts for mass informing.

You can utilize our Facebook accounts for correspondence with your future customers.

As you realize that our Facebook accounts are strong and genuine, so you can likewise assemble a Facebook Ads Account with our Facebook accounts. buy linkedin accounts

Why Buy Our Facebook Accounts?

High Quality Service

Real & Active Accounts

100% complete Profiles

Cheap Price Per Account

Instant Start


100% Safe

Full Privacy

Unlimited Accounts

Custom Order Quantity Accepted

24/7 Customer Support

And much more…

Tips to keep Facebook Accounts safe

  1. If you use a good VPN/VPS then it is safe and it’ll be best for the Facebook ads accounts similarly others and verified BM.
  2. If you use your own MasterCard for these another BM then you would have like a replacement with temporary MasterCard for this verified BM and be safe. If you have employed a replacement Mastercard here for then it’ll safer for the verified BM most.
  3. Always you would have to go with a singular IP address for there a replacement BM also and you would have to do clear created cookies in your browser you used. Because sometimes Facebook may track your PC’s devices all data so you would like to all or any clean after.
  4. A VPS using is usually the safest way for your verified Business Manager Probably. So, if it is possible, then you are please use a VPS for the BM to be safe most.

Frequently asked questions

How to order or Purchase Facebook accounts?

Simply select the package you would like to buy then click on the Order Now button on the order page select the specified account again. After checkout you’ll tend access to the dashboard where the account are going to be delivere to you.

When will I receive the order?

If the accounts you’ve got purchased are available in our stock we’ll deliver it instantly or within few hours. Else wise you’ll await sometime to seek out perfect account for you.

Can I choose AGE or GENDER as well as other requirements?

Yes in fact . you’ll choose the Age for the Fb Account you would like to buy. Choosing a Gender are often hard cause we’ve readymade accounts in our stock we’ll try our utmost to seek out account consistent with your requirements. Otherwise you’ll choose custom fb accounts.

Do they need any Friends?

There is a package of Account with Friends “Account with Friends” you’ll select that package for you. you’ll also create a ticket if you would like premium accounts like 5000 Friends etc.

What activity had the accounts?

The only possible activity are often uploading profile images to realize Likes and Followers. Other activities could also be Liking and Following other posts.

Where the accounts were created?

The accounts are from mix countries. If you would like specific country account then allow us to know before or on the order page.

Do I want Proxies?

If you’ve got accessing multiple accounts from 1 Ip then you want to use separate clear proxy and new session for the account. we cannot refund if the accounts get disabled by client mistake.

Are they PVA or do they need any phone linked?

We have two sorts of accounts.

  1. is made with telephone number that account won’t have email attached you’d got to attach email initially login.
  2. we’ve accounts created of emails only that will not have telephone number you’ll be asked to connect the telephone number after first or could also be later attempts.

What security do they need set, and what I should have in mind?

The accounts do not have any security question. Also, the passwords are never changed. Once after you login fully to the account then don’t change the settings there fast. Facebook may suspect that you simply try to hack the account. you want to do warm up for few days.

How many aged accounts you’ve got in stock? am i able to stock wholesale?

We have unlimited stock of Aged also as Fresh Accounts. If you’re buying in bulk amount, we will offer you huge discount.

Can I use these accounts to create Ads Accounts?

We have package of Facebook Ads Accounts. you’ll buy the able to go accounts there. you’ll also make an aged account an ads account for you also. you’ll find some online help to enable business manager option.

Do you have Facebook Ads Accounts available?

These are very rare accounts to seek out so we always have some available in very less amount. Once you order we will manage somehow to deliver the account to you.

Will I even have Marketplace feature?

You are see above we’ve 3 packages for Marketplace enabled accounts. it’ll surely have Marketplace enabled.

Can I return accounts?

Unfortunately, not. Once the accounts are delivered to you you would like to properly maintain the accounts. We are offering free replacement for twenty-four Hours just in case for non-working accounts. The account which does not allow you to login are going to be replaced within 24 hours.

Are we trying to find resellers?

Yes, you’ll create a ticket describer your offers then we’ll allow you to know.

Do I even have to face any verification or Is there any security issue?

Yes, Facebook is getting hard day by day. So you ought to be prepared for the safety challenges you would possibly face you’ll find out how to properly setup and run the accounts with passage of your time …

Any discount on first order?

Yes, Discount up to 10% on your First Order. The code is 10OFF

Is it safe to buy our Facebook Accounts?

Yes, it’s 100% risk-free, Our service is fully safe and secure to buy Facebook Account from us than others.

How long does it go for start the Accounts delivery?

We instantly start once you place an order on the site for Accounts and by counting on order quantity your order are often late or delivered within few hours.

Where to buy Facebook accounts with 5k friends?

You can buy Facebook accounts with 5k friends from us at cheap price.

Do they need profile picture setup?

Our Facebook accounts are complete altogether respect. it might have a transparent profile picture also.

What if my account get banned for a few reason?

First your account won’t get banned if so we might replace it with a replacement one freed from cost.

What are the Buying Options?

We are accepting PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer and Credit Cards also .

Discount for Bulk Order?

Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you’re buying more… Get in-tuned with our support agents!

Do you offer free a sample Account?

Unfortunately not. As we’ve packages at super low prices that might perfect fit testing the services.

When will I receive my order?

We have almost unlimited accounts available , so we’ll deliver by email your order as soon as we receive and process your order. this is often typically within 24-48 working hours. Notice that if you buy on weekends, Holidays or while local festivities, you’ll take some delay until subsequent working day. In any case, if you’re taking quite 48h (do not count weekends) in receiving your accounts, please check your spam folder of your email manager and set our email order in your white list, and if you continue to don’t find our email, please contact us.

Can I choose age or gender and other requirements as well filter?

Yes you’ll . once you make an order, you’ll find a text box for notes for the order, where you’ll note your requirements. We’ll be ready to fulfill without difficulties requirements about gender and age, and can attempt to fulfill the other requirements, though it’s not warranted. If you are absolutely need of special requirements have, better ask us while before making the order (age and gender will always be fulfilled).

Do they need any friends?

Some accounts may have some few real friends or friend requests to simply accept, but it’s not guaranteed.

What activity had the accounts?

The only activity on these accounts was done so far the day of its creation 10-11 years ago. This activity includes uploading the profile picture (which is exclusive, never utilized in other accounts), changing some settings within the account, playing a Facebook game (the game was far away from Facebook a couple of years ago, so this activity within the game can’t be watched within the log). The emails wont to register these accounts were disposable email inboxes which discontinued their services some years ago in order that they couldn’t be accessed. then there’s no further activity for years.

Where the accounts were created?

You can login from any country within the world. The accounts are created manually with browsers through private dedicated residential IPs in USA, western Europe (very clean IPs), changing continuously (exact server of every account wasn’t registered). The accounts are very top quality, very trusted by Facebook, and may be used from anywhere , since it’s OK for Facebook to vary location after some years, therefore the accounts can migrate to your country where you’ll login from for the primary time reactivating the account. Just keep login from an equivalent place as you’ll login first time after buying the account.

Do I want proxies?

Not strictly, you’ll login from your own IP, in any country, but have in mind that each one accounts login from IP are going to be somehow linked for Facebook, so having one account flagged, could flag all other accounts under an equivalent IP. Also, login more accounts from same IP during a short time range, will relate your accounts and will be flagged for multi-accounting, So you ought to use an honest proxy if you would like to manage more accounts, or if you are doing not want to possess your personal accounts related at Facebook, or if you would like to login from a special location from yours. Notice that Facebook mistakes repeatedly due to outdated databases especially with proxies. Take this in mind before setting the present city of the profile.

Notice that some countries like Vietnam, Philippines, India, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, etc, have very low trust levels for Facebook (because most spam and abuse come from those countries), so you’ll use a proxy if your country wont to get many roadblocks. Also, cheapest USA and UK proxies, they need been used massively for Facebook abuse, so avoid cheap proxies (of course avoid free public proxies, they’re instant lock) and that we advise to settle on Western Europe proxies if you don’t need a selected location.

We strongly recommend these private proxies we refer as we all know they work fine with Facebook. Choose during this order Western Europe, UK, Canada, USA proxies.

We recommend checking always the VPN/IP/Proxies used before login within the profiles, to avoid eventual cases of non-clean IPs.

Are they PVA or do they need any phone linked?

All our accounts are non-PVA (non-Phone Verified Account) and haven’t any phone linked, though you’ll turn them PVA by buying our optional phone verifications. For aged accounts, you ought to not buy PVA with a phone already a verified while ago; as soon as Facebook will see anything suspicious in your activity, or simply login from your new location, Facebook can ask to re-verify the phone linked within the account. If you are doing not have access to the phone, the account are going to be lost. For this reason, we never link any phone with our accounts. However, PVA is very recommended, so we advise to shop for these aged accounts non-PVA (always aged non-PVA) alongside the optional phone verification. we’ll send you a personal and lifelong telephone number for you to verify your new account, accessible for reverification during all the phone life, making it PVA, with the safety that you simply won’t lose your account if you’re asked to reverify. Phone life warranted is 1 month. Average life is 6 months. However, in some cases it lasts for years. you’ll buy here a phone alone for your own account. If you’ve got verified a dead phone, we strongly advise to delete it from your Facebook.

What security do they need set, and what I should have in mind?

The aged accounts haven’t any security questions set, and therefore the passwords haven’t changed since their creation. they need no friends or have only few friends, and haven’t any phone linked within the account or any 2nd factor security. So, if Facebook for any reason ask you to verify that you simply are the owner of the account (it are often usual if you login from any proxy, or maybe from residential IP if it’s during a different location from the one the account was created), they will ask you to send a code to the e-mail . the e-mail addresses aren’t available, however they’re going to request this code to email just for a couple of days, then you’ll login the account with no more issues. Also, if they ask you for the birth date, we offer it alongside the account keys.

Once you login within the account, don’t rush to vary email and password and other security settings or Facebook may suspect you’re stealing the account. First, you want to warm-up the account for a couple of days doing usual real person daily activity, until Facebook trusts your new IP and site and you’ll change login details and security options with no suspects.

How many aged accounts you’ve got in stock? Am I able to stock wholesale?

We have almost unlimited stock of aged accounts. If you’re curious about an outsized amount, bigger than the packs listed here, contact us for our greatest offer for wholesales.

Can I use these accounts to create ads accounts?

Of course, you’ll! Not only you can, but you want to have aged accounts to create a robust Facebook Ads Account. However, though it’s necessary, it’s not sufficient. It’s very hard to farm Ads accounts and you’ll have many other necessary conditions to possess an opportunity to be successful: an entire verification, trusted IP, clean device, and warm-up the aged account with manual activity a day for a minimum of 2 months. Of course, you want to use AGED accounts otherwise you won’t have any chance to publish any Ads on Facebook. If you would like to publish ads directly, check our able to work ad accounts for sale.

Do you have Facebook ads accounts available?

We occasionally have Ads Accounts available, but always at a really limited amount. For it’s low availability and really high and changing price, you want to contact us if you’re curious about buying an Ads account. Please only contact us for this matter if you actually skills to figure with Ads accounts, and you’re serious about buying it at high market prices.

Will I even have marketplace feature?

Facebook is changing all the time what you would like to urge the marketplace feature. Few weeks ago it had been appearing in our accounts as soon as a phone was confirmed, however this changed a couple of times ago.

To receive the marketplace feature, we advise to verify a telephone number and make usual activity daily for a minimum of 1-2 months’ time (always from an equivalent location) following our guide about warming-up. It’s also advised to hitch buy-sell groups in your location, but also don’t join groups directly otherwise you are often locked, (first warm-up one week before joining any groups otherwise you might be locked).

If you can’t do such a lot warming-up otherwise you need marketplace urgently, consider buying our warmed accounts with marketplace activated: Marketplace Facebook Accounts.


Once you login the account, what happens afterwards isn’t our liability and it’s not under warranty. To avoid any issues, please carefully follow all our tips and management rules we’ll send you in our delivery email, and specially use good proxies with not abused IPs, it’s key to earn Facebook’s trust. Anyway, if you’re still in trouble together with your account for any reason, allow us to know, we’ll ALWAYS be willing to assist you to bypass any roadblock and identify bad management behaviors to avoid eventual locks in the other accounts.

You can always cancel your order and obtain refunded before 24h if the account has not been delivered. Once the account keys are sent, no returns are accepted. this is often because we cannot sell an account whose keys are already known for a previous buyer, and that we cannot change password without marking the account without login details, making the account useless for subsequent eventual buyer. However, if you’re unable to ever login the account, (for instance, if you receive an account disabled or with wrong credentials) we provide 48h replacement warranty. we all know this won’t be necessary since we always check before delivering that each account is live.


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