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πŸ₯€ meaning| Wilted Flower Emoji

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πŸ₯€ means means β€œIt is over ” – usually in a relationship.

What does πŸ₯€ mean?

The wilted flower emoji πŸ₯€ is used to represent the end of a relationship, mostly a romantic one. If someone sends you πŸ₯€ the person is trying to say something like β€œIt is over between us”.

It could also mean someone is brokenhearted, disappointed or fed up with a relationship.

MeaningIt is over
EmotionBroken hearted
Meaning from a girlIt is over
Meaning from a guyIt is over
SnapchatIt is over
InstagramIt is over


  • β€œDon’t text me again πŸ₯€ β€œ
    • Context: The use of πŸ₯€ shows that the person does not want to continue with the relationship anymore.
  • β€œπŸ₯€πŸ₯€β€
    • Context: Quick way of saying β€œIt is over between us”.

Other meanings

Apart from, πŸ₯€ representing the end of a romantic relationship, it can also be sadness, grief, the loss of a loved one and the end of something in general.

  • Sadness, grief and loss of a loved one.

If a person is in a moment of sadness they might use this emoji to express their pain. This could be grief due to the death of a loved one.

For example, β€œWhy πŸ₯€ πŸ₯€?”

The multiple use of πŸ₯€ means the person is very sad.

  • Hopelessness:

The πŸ₯€ could imply that the person is hopeless. Since the flower is wilted it means the someone has lost something important and hopeless.

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